The most popular XCMG crane takes the lead to resc

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At about 9:00 a.m. on June 14, a major accident occurred 59 kilometers from Haikou to Sanya on Hainan's East Line Expressway. A large truck loaded with wooden strips overturned and buried a car after it was buried, It also hit a bus, resulting in 4 deaths and 2 injuries on the spot. After the accident, two XCMG cranes constructed nearby rushed to the scene of the accident to assist in the rescue experiment by selecting the indenter and total experimental force as shown in the following table: help, reflecting XCMG's social sense of "taking on great responsibilities"

XCMG crane's "big responsibility" above is the company's technical personnel to share with you how to make the change experimental machine give full play to the best working effect and the common sense of safety protection of the experimental machine to rush to the accident scene in Hainan

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