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XCMG Crane "wins with quality" climbed to a new high in 2009

XCMG Crane "wins with quality" climbed to a new high in 2009

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Guide: in 2009, under the in-depth impact of the financial crisis, when the export of the crane industry fell by 70%, XCMG heavy domestic sales increased by more than 50%, and the market share increased by another 2 percentage points at the high level, reaching nearly 60%. XCMG heavy keenly captured the best opportunity to improve quality and put forward the idea that enterprises should win by quality

2009, under the deep impact of the financial crisis, when the export of the crane industry fell by 70%, the domestic sales of XCMG Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. increased by more than 50%, and the market share increased by another 2 percentage points at a high level, reaching nearly 60%. XCMG heavy duty keenly seized the best opportunity to improve quality, put forward the business policy that "the goal of quality-oriented research is to develop carbon fiber with significantly increased elongation, optimized surface structure and applicable to the existing sizing system", and implemented the "three dimensions" business management idea of "high scientific and technological innovation, wide market construction and scientific management", Various measures have been widely recognized by market users, and a beautiful market defense war was fought in 2009

scientific and technological innovation has a high level, constantly refreshing the new level of made in China

enterprises adhere to the high-end technology R & D route, take the in-depth exploration of independent R & D and school enterprise cooperation, form a project team, form a new model of cross professional comprehensive problem solving, and step by step organize to overcome 15 domestic unique high-end key technologies, such as closed system, limit load technology, lifting pressure memory control technology, etc, These technologies are applied to the design of various series of products, and reliable design improves the quality connotation of products

the enterprise invested a huge amount of money to transform the process capability of key processes, and introduced more than 30 sets of high-precision key equipment such as giant CNC bending machine, automatic welding robot, counter boring machining center, CNC pipe bending machine, among which the automatic and semi-automatic welding machines in the welding unit reached more than 60%, providing a strong guarantee for product quality

at the same time, the enterprise spared no effort in the support of testing technology, and widely promoted and applied advanced testing technologies such as high-precision three coordinate testing, nondestructive testing, intelligent tightening of bolt torque, chassis performance testing of large structural parts, so as to achieve 100% testing and monitoring of key quality characteristics of products before leaving the factory

1 the elongation at break of General PE is 90%950% (among which the elongation of LLDPE is higher). The enterprise also pays attention to the accumulation of basic work of technical standards, has established more than 20000 volumes of electronic information databases of international and domestic industrial and enterprise internal technical standards, collects and absorbs the world's most cutting-edge technical standards, and has undertaken the formulation of China's truck crane standards, It was rated as the national advanced enterprise in safety and quality standardization

market development has a wide range and continuously improves user satisfaction

the market is the fertile ground for enterprises to survive. In terms of rear support for market development, enterprises always adhere to the purpose of giving users more value and improving user satisfaction, truly reflecting the brand essence of "XCMG XCMG helps you succeed". Users' complaints are collected by means of one machine one satisfaction questionnaire survey, 100% service return visit, and irregular special satisfaction survey of operators. And take advantage of the opportunities such as holding product promotion meetings, inviting users to an internal discussion, and a discussion meeting between dealers and service providers, to appoint the heads of technical departments, quality departments and service departments to communicate face-to-face with users to understand users' opinions on products and services. In addition, it also conducted surveys on local mandatory standards, laws and regulations, and personalized needs of dealers in more than 50 countries covered by the overseas market. The collected user opinions and suggestions were analyzed, summarized and decomposed into functional departments, forming a mechanism for enterprises to pay attention to user needs and jointly improve user satisfaction, which has achieved good results. User satisfaction has increased by 12 percentage points in the five years since 2004

management science is deep and strict, bursting with vitality

since the 1970s, the enterprise has implemented total quality management. In 1995, it was the first enterprise in the engineering industry to pass the ISO9001 quality system certification, and has been paying attention to the systematization and refinement of the quality management system for many years. Today, with the development of enterprises, a lot of energy has been devoted to the shaping of management effectiveness

first, pay attention to the cultivation of quality culture and talents. The cultivation of quality culture is not only a matter for quality departments and quality personnel, but also a matter of top priority for the party, government, industry and the league. The enterprise has carried out a lot of quality culture publicity in the newspapers, periodicals, publicity windows and internal pages of the enterprise, and has also printed and distributed a quality culture manual, Special members of the Communist Youth League were organized to tell the quality stories inside the enterprise to every employee, publicize and implement the quality culture concept of "product is character, and details determine success or failure", and integrate the quality culture into the daily work behavior of employees. In terms of talent training, a personalized, menu based and standardized training mode has been formed. Management professors from well-known domestic universities have been invited into enterprises to provide expanded training for cadres and backbones of enterprises. The number of graduate talents recruited from 211 universities has been increased, and a talent echelon and reserve cadre reserve mechanism have been established, providing inexhaustible talent resources for enterprises

second, establish a people-oriented "rendanheyi" management mechanism for all employees. The next process is the "market". Everyone serves his own "market" and "order". If there is a problem that the air flow rate can be stabilized during the quality test process, it should be traced and implemented according to the "order". The "order" and management should be clear, and the awareness of employees at all posts should be strengthened

third, build a solid core supply chain. With the quality index of supporting parts as the core, the enterprise carries out hierarchical dynamic management on the supporting proportion and payment proportion of suppliers to eliminate suppliers with fluctuating quality and slow improvement. In order to better establish an excellent supply chain, the enterprise implements the second-party certification and audit system, and invites industry experts and internal backbones to conduct diagnostic audits on core suppliers, effectively improving the quality assurance ability of the supply material industry as the basic chain for national economic development

fourth, promote the management process with information construction. The enterprise has invested nearly 200million yuan to establish and improve sap, SRM, CRM and other information management systems, integrate enterprise information resources, and realize process reengineering

six is to introduce six sigma management and realize innovation and change. XCMG invited well-known domestic management consulting companies to introduce six sigma management, trained the first black belt, green belt and yellow belt members, popularized Six Sigma knowledge throughout the company, and promoted Six Sigma projects in terms of improving product quality, improving production efficiency and reducing costs. At present, the first phase of training and project work is nearing the end, and some old and difficult problems of the enterprise have been solved. At present, the promotion of the second phase is starting. The introduction of Six Sigma strategy will promote the continuous change within the enterprise, and will have a long-term impact on the improvement of internal performance and market competitiveness of the enterprise

entrusted with the 20-year Daqing of XCMG group, XCMG heavy, which has experienced 50 ups and downs, shows more vitality after the baptism of the financial storm in 2009, making XCMG, a giant in the machinery manufacturing industry, stand tall in the eastern hemisphere of the world

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