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Cluster construction of XCMG's complete mining machinery demonstrates China's power

cluster construction of XCMG's complete mining machinery demonstrates China's power

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recently, in a large open pit coal mine in Inner Mongolia, more than 300 sets of XCMG's large open pit mining machinery were clustered for construction. With the continuous progress of mining technology, the technology of open-pit coal mining in China continues to improve when adjusting the investment field and investment structure. The mining equipment is to replace the transformer or rewind the transformer; Equipment needs to be developed urgently. XCMG mining machinery division is committed to creating energy-saving, safe and efficient complete sets of mining machinery and equipment for customers. Relying on mining methods and safety optimization, XCMG has carried out technical research and development. The products have been successfully applied in many mining areas in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Tibet and Yunnan. The market share of mining excavators above 70 tons ranks first in the domestic market, It has become the only Chinese brand of nano friction and wear testing machine that can provide complete sets of construction equipment for large open-pit mines in this field

the investor of Xu project introduces the cluster construction of complete sets of mining machinery to highlight the strength of China

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