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XCMG customer service center 400 has been opened nationwide

recently, XCMG successfully opened its customer service center. At the same time, XCMG customer service center was officially unveiled. Relevant data show that it was established. The customer service center will take advantage of modern network communication and information technology to provide timely, effective and value-added services for the majority of customers. It is of great significance for XCMG to create a new image of the group and establish a new scale of industry services

service is an important part of a brand. XCMG 400 is built as a communication center, customer satisfaction improvement center, customer behavior analysis center and product marketing promotion center. Through the internal management monitoring of the enterprise, the larger the machine, the more expensive the price of the marketing personnel in the enterprise, the support of the upgraded in-depth service of the service object, and the management of the dealer's sales channel, the service can be put in place in one step, giving customers a professional service impression and improving customer satisfaction, Strengthen the brand influence of the group

the 400 mainly receives service point consultation, product price consultation, technical support consultation, product complaint, service complaint, repair request, spare parts consultation and sales businesses. Through a unified platform and standardized process, it accepts, follows up, pays a return visit, and investigates and analyzes customer satisfaction, so as to achieve a full range of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, integrate with SMS, and speed up the notification and feedback of the system. Subsidiaries with existing CRM platform can be seamlessly integrated with the group customer service center platform. The customer service center can call and query customer data at any time. Subsidiaries without CRM platform can centrally and uniformly develop functional modules on the group customer service center platform, unify the knowledge base construction standards of each subsidiary, establish and improve the knowledge base, so as to improve customer service efficiency

at present, the customer service center of XCMG group is equipped with a professional team of dozens of people, set up a 12-hour continuous call service from 8:00 to 20:00, and has the interface service for the timely response of the sales and service teams of 13 secondary companies of XCMG group, so as to provide timely, high-quality and comprehensive customer service at any time. 3. Its chemical resistance is similar to that of polyvinylidene fluoride. Huicong construction machinery

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