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XCMG lifting: K to King 20 years of deep cultivation in the application field to respect their leading needs

XCMG lifting: K to King 20 years of deep cultivation in the application field to respect their leading needs

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in China's construction machinery industry, lifting machinery is a product category that Chinese people are proud of. From meeting the basic domestic needs to filling the industry gap, from completely replacing imports to leading the global market, local brands continue to provide users with the most valuable products. This is inseparable from XCMG's deep cultivation and guidance in the application field

in 1999, XCMG K series crane was born, which opened an era for Chinese users to use local brands to independently develop products. Over the past 20 years, XCMG has been continuously pursuing absolute technological leadership, and at the same time, it is also rooted in the exploration and guidance of the demand in the application field. No matter how the market changes, XCMG crane has an in-depth and full understanding and judgment on the user needs and the construction should further attract enterprises to participate in the military and civil integration technology transaction, and continues to extend with the upgrading and application of products. From home and abroad, from satisfaction to leadership, XCMG crane is getting closer and closer to the goal of experts in product application field

from following users to following users

in the 1990s, China's basic industries and infrastructure not only had to achieve the desired use effect, but also began to grow rapidly. There was an urgent and huge demand for construction machinery, including crane machinery. It was embarrassing that the domestic crane enterprises at that time still depended on technology introduction or even imitation, lacked core technology and core products, struggled with low-end and rough product quality, and local brands could not meet the needs of national construction

in this context, XCMG crane bravely shouldered the heavy responsibility and independently developed K-series truck cranes, breaking the dilemma of "having demand but not having products" in China. For the first time, products belonging to local brands have appeared on domestic construction sites. Some foreign products, such as multilateral jib, pilot control, full head cab, etc., have appeared on domestic cranes. In addition to the eye-catching appearance, "the most recognized by users is performance", an experienced person said

in almost the same period, while continuously improving the application requirements of K series products, XCMG crane is striding forward to the all terrain crane with higher technical content and greater added value. "The all terrain crane representing high-end quality is not suitable for China's engineering needs" -- in a voice of doubt, XCMG crane went upstream and responded aggressively: whether the all terrain crane is suitable for the Chinese market depends on what kind of products it produces

the later history has confirmed XCMG's judgment: the rich terrain and geomorphic environment on the land of the motherland provides a broad application scenario for all terrain cranes, and fills the defect of relatively insufficient adaptability of truck cranes in some subdivision fields; The advancement of infrastructure and industrial construction in China has gradually put forward higher demand for construction equipment, and all terrain cranes have become the mainstream models of medium and large tonnage cranes. The advent of XCMG crane qay25 all terrain crane has filled the gap of domestic products and opened the valve for local brands to participate in the market competition of all terrain cranes. After 2002, XCMG's all terrain cranes with a capacity of more than 100 tons have come out one after another, gradually replacing imports with overwhelming force, and meeting the domestic engineering application needs with stable product performance

whether it is a truck crane or an all terrain crane, XCMG has demonstrated the evolution from following the needs of users to following the products with its strength. Behind XCMG's efforts to break the monopoly of foreign brands on wind power installation, help the national new energy construction, fight for the Olympic venues, Shanghai WorldExpo hall and other national key projects, XCMG is inseparable from day and night technical breakthroughs and tens of thousands of simulation and verification of application conditions

in that year, at the construction site of the grand bridge across the Beijing Hangzhou canal in Xuzhou Section of the Beijing Shanghai high speed railway, the hoisting driver once said: "the telescopic boom height and hoisting capacity of XCMG 25t, 30t and 50t K-series cranes best meet the construction needs." "XCMG that can not be broken, and K5 that can not be destroyed" has become the highest praise for product application performance in the hoisting field

starting from the application, upgrade the core

since 2002, XCMG has spent 10 years to improve the profile of K-series truck cranes and all terrain cranes. The products cover 60-1200 tons, and the feet are fast but stable. Each product is a high-quality achievement achieved by deeply integrating with users and aiming at the actual construction application, paving the way for the development and advancement of China's lifting machinery products

around 2008, XCMG's 500 ton all terrain crane was put into use, ending the history of all imported all terrain cranes in the domestic wind power field. In 2010, XCMG successfully developed the world's largest 1200 ton all terrain crane, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology. So far, foreign crane products have been basically squeezed out of the domestic application market. The overall water of XCMG crane to avoid affecting the strength test results has been comparable to foreign brands, and the product categories, models and performance are basically the same

looking back at itself, XCMG crane also found the next step: the international market, especially the high-end application market. At that time, XCMG group also adjusted its internationalization strategy as a whole, that is, put forward the "g" (global) plan. The European R & D center, XCMG's first overseas R & D center, was established at this time. It is under this background that XCMG's G1 lifting platform came into being

the mission of XCMG lifting G1 technology platform is to make full use of information, data and networking means to solve customers' questions faster and more accurately, and ensure the stability and reliability of products in construction application from the whole process of R & D and production. These elements constitute the core competitiveness of XCMG crane in the global application market, and all these are inseparable from the 76 year technical accumulation of XCMG crane and the support of "50 years of boom research and design experience, big data analysis of 300000 user working conditions, nearly 10000 test and research, and 15 innovative technologies leading the times"

thanks to this, XCMG crane with technical core has moved from China to the world and competed with top international brands. More and more XCMG cranes representing Chinese brands have appeared in world-class projects, such as the largest chemical park in Germany, the chemparkmarl, the funsportamerica amusement park in Orlando, and participated in the construction of Dubai's "world's tallest building, dubaicreektower", to help build the venues for the Rio Olympic Games, Setting up the largest sea crossing bridge in Brunei, the mora bridge...

leading: strong evolution towards application leadership

when crane enterprises around the world are still in the stage of using universal products to meet the working conditions of all regions, XCMG crane is the first to enter the stage of personalization, customization and comfort

in the first half of 2019, XCMG's overseas regional products, the first hoisting of 1600 ton all terrain crane and the generation G products with upgraded quality were successively launched or successfully completed the engineering operation. XCMG's hoisting turned around again and completed the strong upgrade from leading technology to leading application

XCMG crane aims at regional models launched in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, and combines "regional characteristics, user characteristics and product technology perfectly". For example, the operating temperature of XCMG crane in the Middle East and Africa can reach 60 ℃, 20 ℃ higher than the industry standard, which greatly adapts to the local operating environment

products and hoisting methods go hand in hand: xca1600, the only all terrain crane in the world that covers the installation of 3MW wind turbines of 140m and below, Hebei Baixiang wind farm, has set a new record in China's wind power hoisting. Its efficient relocation helps users reduce costs by 30%~40% and thoroughly solves various problems in the installation of large wind turbines in China

XCMG hoisting 2019 quality upgraded g generation new products introduced the concept of "developing 'customized models' and focusing on' driving and riding experience 'into the industry for the first time. Through the G1 technology platform, based on the design concept of enhancing the value of the product's whole life cycle, more than 200 quality upgrades and optimizations have been achieved

capital can purchase products and technologies to shorten the catch-up cycle, but the profound accumulation of decades of technology accumulation and application experience cannot be achieved overnight. In the past 20 years, whether it is the in-depth market research for regional products or the breakthrough in the construction method of wind power hoisting, XCMG lifting has continued to solve construction problems for users, explore the construction direction, and continuously play a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy. It has gradually accumulated. Now it is a rich accumulation, and it is even more natural

based on the world, XCMG crane, as the leader, is no longer a technology breakthrough or product manufacturer at a single level, nor is it simply a service provider that meets the main performance needs of products. Instead, based on products and technologies, XCMG is deeply involved in the application field, focusing on and improving the user value, leading the lifting machinery industry to expand in the multi-dimensional direction of environmental protection, intelligence, reliability and the whole life cycle, and promoting the high-quality development of the global engineering application field. XCMG regards this pursuit of leading the market as its respect for itself

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