Lishui Kangcheng 102 flat simple style decoration

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Case data:

decoration community: Lishui Kangcheng decoration house type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration area: 102 square meters decoration style: Modern and simple

decoration cost: 62000

decoration company: (decoration bidding, decoration map)

more beautiful pictures: [Click to view]

contract method: half contract

Design Description: the owner of this case is very talented, and the design of the living room is a decoration effect drawing from the Internet, And then further communicate with the designer to design according to the actual situation. If you look carefully again, you will find that the mosaic on the wall is very beautiful. In addition, careful friends will find that the designer has made a mini study to make full and reasonable use of the space. Bathroom is also very fashionable

the bathroom with silver and white tones gives people a particularly clean feeling at first sight, but the industrial designer suggests that it should be thoroughly cleaned after a period of time, if it does not look particularly old





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