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For the main body of the fierce market competition - door and window companies, brand is not a fashionable or avant-garde theory, but a useful and effective strategy. What is needed is to make consumers become users, sharers and communicators of goods and services in many choices. Therefore, from the perspective of the door and window company, the inevitable vision is to convey the brand, the image of the door and window agency, public relations and other multi-dimensional perspectives according to the emotion and vision of consumers. Only in this way can we achieve the double harvest of economic benefits and brand benefits in the fierce implementation environment of the consumer oriented competition

first, why should companies depict brands

put aside academic concepts and introduce simple words. In short, a brand is the sum of consumers' psychological reactions to the goods, services, image, civilization, reputation, advertising and so on of the door and window agency factory. It is a one-sided rather than objective judgment formed by consumers after ideological treatment according to and summarizing the above elements. Any touch of consumers and door and window agents will leave an image of the brand, and in the continuous touch or strengthen or change this image, overnight, consumers will eventually form a more stable and solid emotion and emotion for this brand, and then form a belief and even loyalty to the brand

as for why brands are important, Because "With the increasing competition between door and window agents, the era of commodity homogenization has come. Brand has become a specific weapon to guide customers to identify and recognize the goods and services of different manufacturers and sellers, making it different from the competitors of the competition. It is more important and lasting intangible property and central competitiveness than the goods of door and window agents. Although the planning and production process of the goods of door and window agents are often imitated by competitors, but What is usually difficult to imitate is the brand image rooted in the minds of customers and the high recognition and loyalty to door and window agents. " It is precisely because of the high degree of identity and loyalty of this global brand network that it provides a significant premium for goods and services with similar functions or of the same quality, and has become a weapon in the minds of consumers that can form a useful distinction with competitors. In other words, compared with the brand personality theory, consumers' cognition and emotion of the brand directly determine whether goods and services can enter the arousal combination (selection scale) of consumers, and whether they can be loved and purchased by consumers. Therefore, the brand is almost the most important asset in all the properties of the door and window agency factory

II. The brand importance of the door and window agent factory

the ultimate connotation of the brand is that in the hearts of consumers, it can represent the special symbol - brand, which includes all elements of the door and window agent factory, such as goods, services, image, civilization, reputation, advertising and so on. Of course, it is necessary to admit that in the minds of consumers, the brand that they think can represent all the elements of the door and window agency factory they can touch is a one-sided rather than objective judgment, but this one-sided judgment is a conclusion made by consumers on the basis of all the information about the company they touch, Moreover, every time consumers touch the relevant activities/practices that can convey the brand information, they are influenced by the brand. Therefore, for all brand operators, it is necessary to firmly establish the concept of combination and communication, and systematically combine brand depiction with all the methods that can lead to consumer cognition, such as image construction of door and window agencies, advertising, public relations, and so on, and systematically combine the specific contents contained in these methods, Based on the brand positioning (what kind of image does the door and window agent factory ultimately want to leave in the minds of consumers, perhaps that is, what does the door and window agent factory want to mean in the minds of consumers), the system combines various methods that can promote the formation of this brand positioning in the minds of consumers, including the civilization of the door and window agent factory, the philosophy of the door and window agent factory, commodity packaging, public relations publicity, endorsement and cooperation All methods and contents that can convey consumer information, including user interaction, word-of-mouth communication, social responsibility and so on, are combined. After any touch with consumers that can lead to brand association, it is useful to communicate with policy consumers, guide and form the image of the brand

therefore, from the perspective of brand strategy, the demand system combines a series of elements that can establish brand awareness and generate brand associations, such as the image portrayal of the door and window agent factory, advertising, public relations, spokesmen, commodity packaging, civilization of the door and window agent factory, operation philosophy, social responsibility, etc., make strict planning, master the rhythm and content of communication with consumers, and guide consumers to form the idea that the door and window agent factory wants to convey Activities and practices shall be bundled. The specific communication process should be carried out by stages according to the period of the fundamental model of consumer purchasing decision. In terms of the quality, popularity, brand association and communication of goods, it is closely related to the characteristics of consumers, and depends on the use experience of consumers' door and window goods

in addition, what cannot be ignored is that in a series of links of consumers' concept of brand composition, consumers' one-sided cognition, association and deconstruction are affecting their feelings, emotions and practices towards the brand. Therefore, emotional implementation is also a major link that cannot be ignored in brand building, which is more significant and important in the operation and implementation of Internet brands





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