Five luxury sanitary wares that cannot be missed

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Luxurious Jacuzzi

the spa space tailored for you, as if you were in your private spiritual harbor, looking for comfort and comfort. Effervescent massage, hydraulic massage, back massage and neck massage are the perfect combination

make anxiety and worry drift into the quiet and gentle deep space. The massage bathtub provides you with a new family spa space, from relaxed massage to abundant water flow, superior and dynamic, wonderful physical and mental feelings

Kohler bathroom

among all bathing methods, the Jacuzzi is the most comfortable, water consuming and covers the largest area. The Jacuzzi has different shapes, such as rectangle, square, circle, diamond, quarter circle, etc. Its material is generally acrylic. The basic massage bathtub includes at least 4 massage nozzles. The higher the level, the more the number of nozzles. The number of nozzles of some foreign products even reaches 60 ~ 70, so that all acupoints of the whole body can be massaged. According to different customer requirements, the position of the nozzle is also different. The ordinary massage bathtub is a single pump system, that is, there is only water massage, or air massage, or water air mixed massage, and all nozzles can only provide one massage mode at the same time; The high-end massage bathtub is a double pump system, that is, the water pump and air pump are separated. Some massage nozzles provide water massage, while others provide gas massage at the same time. Users can adjust the strength of massage according to their needs

Kohler bathroom

the installation of the motorcycle bathtub requires 220V three-phase AC, cold and hot water (there is no water pressure problem, you can use the water heater). Due to its irregular shape, its size ranges from 1.5 meters × 0.75 m to 2 m × 1 meter or 1.8 meters × 1.8 meters and so on. The depth of the bathtub is between 43 cm and 68 cm

if the bathtub itself has no automatic cleaning function, users in areas with large water alkali should pay attention to whether the nozzle can be removed and cleaned

ordinary bathtubs only provide hydraulic massage with a single power. The more expensive bathtubs can carry out hydraulic massage and bubble bath with different power levels. The top-level bathtubs can provide functions such as light and radio. Pay attention to the power of the bathtub motor when purchasing (if the power is too small, the massage effect is poor); Noise level; And whether the cylinder body resonates after opening the motor; It's better not to make the cylinder too shallow. A deeper cylinder will be more comfortable to use




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