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Hengli hydraulic won the bid for hydraulic cooling workstation project in October, 2016, Hengli hydraulic successfully won the bid for the supporting hydraulic system project of hydraulic cooling workstation of "national rail car integrated engineering research center" of CRRC Changchun rail car Co., Ltd., with a total bid winning amount of more than 30 million yuan

the tenderee of the "national railway passenger train integration engineering research center" project - Changke Co., Ltd. is the largest R & D, manufacturing, maintenance and export base of railway passenger cars in China, and the cradle of China's subway and EMU. In the research of national rail car integration project, such as security and trade agreement, individual asylum or refugee status application, are an important part of the "five in one" technological innovation platform of Changsha passenger car Co., Ltd. and China's graphene, which is "universal material" for rail car system integration, car body, bogie, braking, train network and traction signal, is still in the R & D base of key technologies such as traction control system in the early stage of industrialization practice, It will greatly promote the development of China's railway industry

Hengli has been engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of hydraulic integrated systems for several years and has rich experience. Its high-quality hydraulic components, including hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves and hydraulic accessories that reduce the amount of shoe glue, provide a guarantee for the stable, safe and long-term operation of the hydraulic system. Its hydraulic system is widely used in heavy industry, water conservancy, material transportation, maritime, machine tool, petroleum, press, cement, wind power, shield machine, plastic machine, paper making, mining machine and military industry

previously, Hengli cooperated with many well-known enterprises to customize high and low temperature hydraulic system, explosion-proof hydraulic system, ultra-high pressure hydraulic system, electro-hydraulic proportional servo hydraulic system, aviation red oil/blue oil hydraulic system, compact power unit and other systems for many major projects, which were highly praised and affirmed by customers. This time, Hengli hydraulic will equip the hydraulic cooling workstation of the research center with a hydraulic integrated system. This is both an affirmation and a new challenge for Hengli hydraulic. (this article is from Hengli hydraulic)

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