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Henglian group Guanghua paper successfully held the 3950 paper machine fine offset paper promotion conference

release date: Source: Henglian group

on May 29, Henglian group Guanghua paper 3950 paper machine fine offset paper promotion conference was grandly held in Henglian Feixian paper industry park, and nearly 100 publishing groups, material companies and dealers across the country attended the conference. Liruifeng, chairman of Henglian group, attended the meeting and cut the ribbon

the theme of this meeting is "to make the original intention, win the future, love Yimeng, and make paper your best". Many representatives from the publishing and printing circles all over the country delivered enthusiastic speeches, which fully affirmed the production of No. 3950 paper machine 10 of Guanghua paper industry of Henglian group, gave good wishes for the future cooperation between the two sides, and the promotion meeting was a complete success

in order to adjust the product structure, expand the scale of the enterprise, realize product optimization and upgrading, and enhance the brand strength of the enterprise, Henglian group Guanghua paper is equipped with a tension machine, which is your choice without hesitation to invest in the construction of No. 10 3950 paper machine. The foundation of the project was laid on February 21, 2020, which lasted 13 months. The trial run of the project was successful on March 21, 2020. The paper machine is equipped with advanced dilution water flow slurry box, film transfer sizing machine, controllable medium and high soft calender, automatic packaging line, QCS system imported from Honeywell of the United States and other advanced equipment. The operation of the paper machine is automatically controlled by DCs, which has reached the industry advanced level in general. It meets the production requirements of high-end products such as high-speed eight color rotary printing paper, and effectively ensures that the main service valve continues to move slowly in the coke market in a short time, which is equivalent to the stability of product quality

the commissioning of the project is a major measure for Henglian Guanghua to carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future and realize transformation, upgrading and development. It can provide customers with higher-grade products and better services, and will also usher in the rapid development of the company. Henglian group Guanghua Paper Co., Ltd. will take this promotion meeting as an opportunity to stand at a new starting point and a new height, break through difficulties, forge ahead and write a more brilliant new chapter

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