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Hengyuanxiang new year advertisement: high? Failure

at the beginning of the Spring Festival, Hengyuanxiang broke into people's vision with the posture of "dark horse", and its elaborately launched advertising of the Chinese Zodiac new year has aroused a lot of "scolding" on the Internet

since the new year's Eve (February 6), Hengyuanxiang advertisements have been broadcast in prime time on many TV stations across the country. The static single picture "jumps" out of several small animals every few seconds; The monotonous voiceover has been repeated 12 times from "Hengyuanxiang, Beijing Olympic sponsor, rat and mouse" to "Hengyuanxiang, Beijing Olympic sponsor, pig and pig". The audience has been "lucky" to experience a full set of psychological processes from surprise to laughter and finally collapse

in response to the hot discussion on, Hengyuanxiang group held a seminar in Beijing on February 17, inviting marketing experts to interpret it. Dingxiuwei, a brand media consultant of Hengyuanxiang, responded to the media by revealing that the advertisements of the Chinese zodiac are for celebrating the new year this year, and their performance greatly exceeds that of the original fiber. They are aimed at paying New Year's greetings to the audience of the Chinese zodiac, and are broadcast only during the Spring Festival

on February 21, the class of Hengyuanxiang's advertising, which tormented the audience, was "over". Hengyuanxiang said that the advertising of the lunar new year was originally planned to be broadcast until the Lantern Festival, but the suspension on February 21 had nothing to do with people's opinions. "Hengyuanxiang plans to continue to launch new year's advertising next year."

according to incomplete statistics, this one minute advertisement has been broadcast nearly 200 times by the time the advertisement was stopped. Some people said that after being outraged, my mind was full of echoes of "Hengyuanxiang... Zhuzhuzhuzhu"

failed? Success

Li Wei, director of the brand center of Hengyuanxiang group, is quite calm about the "Thousand Layer Wave" caused by the excitement of advertising and the fact that these data can be displayed through the curve: all market reactions and disputes are expected, and all forms of expression are expected. Hengyuanxiang did not make a mistake, but planned for a long time to broadcast the advertisement in the year of rat

Li Wei seems to say that such advertising and such response are exactly what we want

yes, in this era of information inflation, without "one hit, one hit" planning and "extraordinary means", ordinary advertising can easily be overwhelmed by the huge information flow. There are many enterprises that have won the 2008 Olympic brand sponsors. How to highlight themselves among many enterprises is a problem that every Olympic sponsor must face up to. After careful consideration, Hengyuanxiang adopted such a controversial advertisement, just like some third rate stars deliberately broke out gossip to attract people's attention. In order to attract attention to their own brand, it caused a sensation in a way of hype. Although more people throw eggs than flowers, it is an indisputable fact that "Hengyuanxiang" returns to people's vision with a strong posture. After the one minute concentrated bombing, the message "Hengyuanxiang, Beijing Olympic sponsor" was deeply engraved in the minds of the audience

although there are more negative comments than favorable comments from the outside, Hengyuanxiang seems to be full of confidence internally. Some commentators also pointed out that Hengyuanxiang is actually using this advertisement to carry out event marketing, which is equivalent to doing two things with a sum of money, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone. As for the accusation of repetition and monotony, dingxiuwei believes that this is an effective means starting from the principle of repeated memory of consumers in advertising. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, Hengyuanxiang changed its serious image and made everyone laugh. It will not affect the brand image

Hengyuanxiang doesn't seem to care much about the statement made by some friends that they would spontaneously resist buying Hengyuanxiang's goods. "This is just a minority." Li Wei said, "we made a risk prediction before broadcasting the advertisement, and finally came to the conclusion that this advertisement will not let Hengyuanxiang customers not buy Hengyuanxiang."

if the friends who resist buying "vulgar advertising" products are really "just a minority", and the likes and dislikes of these "minority" are not within the scope of Hengyuanxiang's consideration, then what is the significance of Hengyuanxiang spending a lot of money to build this powerful deterrent advertising? Is it really just for people to remember and hate? If so, Hengyuanxiang got what they wanted

vulgar? Creativity

"I have heard all the ugly words, but some people say that such advertisements are creative and have a mixed reputation." Hengyuanxiang advertising department said. I think the word "mixed praise" is quite conservative

in recent years, advertisements challenging the endurance limit of the audience have emerged in endlessly. In addition to the earlier melatonin and fuyanjie, Hengyuanxiang, which triggered a heated discussion, appeared in the Beijing subway a few days ago, "crowded? Go and buy a car!" This kind of staggering advertising, each advertises "creativity" and "personality"

what is creativity? If the saying "Hengyuanxiang's advertisement is creative" is not a kind of ridicule, then the advertisement should at least bring people a kind of enjoyment of beauty. However, most people do not agree

Sina's survey shows that 87.52% of the more than 47000 friends in the survey expressed "disgust" with Hengyuanxiang's advertisement, only 8.81% of them thought that "funny and not disgusted" and 3.67% of them were neutral. Sohu's survey shows that in the survey of nearly 6000 friends, 89.16% of them feel "very disgusted and angry" about the advertisement, while only 10.84% of them think that Hengyuanxiang's advertisement is "very normal and feels very good". There is a wide gap between praise and criticism, and there is no way to talk about "half and half"

to say the least, if this so-called "creativity" is really a "milestone" in the advertising industry, most audiences will not be happy at all. A media friend wrote in his blog: it is conceivable that in the near future, the advertisement of melatonin will become "no gifts for the rat year holiday, only melatonin for gifts" until "no gifts for the pig year holiday, only melatonin for gifts", which is repeated 12 times; Fuyanjie's advertisement will be changed into "washing is healthier on the first day of the new year" to "washing is healthier on the 30th day", repeated 30 times; The advertisement of beijirong thermal underwear will be changed into "beijirong, which is known by Han people" until "beijirong, which is known by Jino people" and repeated 56 times; The advertising of Liangshan liquor will become "Liangshan liquor, Songjiang said it was good" until "Liangshan liquor, Duan Jingzhu said it was good" 108 times...

if, as he said, this "creativity" of "repetition and repetition, evil customs and evil customs and evil customs" is promoted, and all brands flock to challenge the physiological and psychological limits of ordinary audiences, what will China's advertising environment become

popularity? Reputation

generally speaking, the development of a brand can be divided into three stages: popularity, reputation and loyalty. Hengyuanxiang's new year advertising reaped popularity, but lost reputation

chenzhongwei, deputy general manager of Hengyuanxiang group, once said frankly that he would try his best to reduce costs, create "memorable" communication effects, repeat and continue, and would rather be scolded than forgotten. These marketing policies determined at the beginning are still the motto of Hengyuanxiang's marketing department. Adhering to the concept of "no matter how well-known", Hengyuanxiang created a reputation in the shortest time

as for the criticism of many experts on reputation, Li Wei said, "the theories that think this advertisement will reduce the product reputation, especially what some experts say, are just academic theories". However, isn't this the most direct reflection of this problem? He believes that the quality of the flexible packaging film is the market effect of the advertisement on the enterprise and the brand in the next 3~10 years. From this point of view, like many Chinese enterprises, Hengyuanxiang seems to have an "indifferent" attitude towards the cultivation and promotion of reputation

as a time-honored manufacturer of Chinese famous brand products in the past three years, Hengyuanxiang has long had a high reputation. There is no need to let such an advertisement erode the reputation accumulated by product quality over the years. In fact, prior to this, the brand concept of Hengyuanxiang has been respected by the industry

as a large enterprise and brand with a sense of society, it needs a marketing strategy with cultural connotation. To think that such a shoddy advertisement can win recognition is to underestimate and despise the values and appreciation of the broad audience, as well as to ignore the brand reputation

just as liguangdou, a brand strategy expert, said, China's brand building is still in the primary stage, and China's consumption environment is also in the primary stage. However, consumers' desire for a higher-level culture will not be stranded. Many enterprises, including Hengyuanxiang, can really occupy a place in the minds of consumers only by exploring the cultural connotation, national spirit and characteristics of the times of the brand and establishing a more prestigious image. (end)

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