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In late January 2016, Hunan Provincial Commission of economy and information technology released the list of the first batch of Hunan provincial industrial quality standards, brand cultivation demonstration enterprises and intellectual property application benchmarking enterprises, "Quality management + practical experience of parts reliability improvement" of Hengtian ninth five year plan company was recognized as the industrial quality benchmark of Hunan Province. According to the identification method, the provincial quality benchmark refers to the best practice experience recognized by the province in the application of advanced quality management methods, the development of quality management activities, the improvement of product quality, the improvement of quality assurance ability, and the improvement of business performance. In the identification standard, whether the management method of the enterprise conforms to the development trend of quality brand management and whether innovative achievements are harvested in the application process become the first consideration indicators. In recent years, the Ninth Five Year Plan of Hengtian has taken it as its own responsibility that new chemical materials are the main field of the new material industry. By strictly implementing advanced quality management methods, Hengtian has focused on improving the reliability of the whole product and parts, improving the mean time between failures and reducing the after-sales failure rate, so as to make the company's products competitive and win the brand effect of Hengtian's development of deep processing

this election will not only encourage the company to continuously improve its quality work, be proactive and pursue excellence, but also serve as a benchmark for relevant enterprises in the province to crack better in the use process; It will also receive key guidance and support from the provincial Commission of economy and information technology in terms of technological innovation and quality brand building, and will recommend and apply for the national quality benchmark

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