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Hengfeng Paper: to build a domestic first-class cigarette auxiliary material production enterprise, Hengfeng Paper, which was listed in April 2001, has steadily improved its performance after listing, and submitted a satisfactory answer sheet for 2002 to investors. Recently, I had an exclusive interview with the new chairman of the company, Xu Xiang

Xu Xiang said that any industry leader should speak with strength, build Hengfeng Paper into a domestic first-class cigarette accessories production enterprise, achieve the domestic leading goal, and repay investors with excellent performance, which is their three-year plan and five-year work goal. In 2000, the company set up a new 2362 production line with the guiding ideology of high starting point transformation, and completed the technical transformation project of high penetration molding paper in the shortest time

in 2001, they seized the opportunity of the vacancy in the domestic market of high permeability profiled paper and timely decided to launch a high permeability profiled paper production line. The high permeability profiled paper developed in cooperation with China pulp and paper research institute is the first in China. The product has remarkable benefits and rich returns. The maintenance and repair of Jinan steel bar bending testing machine has become a new economic growth point in 2002. In 2002, the company invested 320million yuan to introduce a 12000 ton high-grade tissue paper production line from Germany, which is one of the most advanced production lines in China. The project is expected to be commissioned in May this year

in order to further optimize the product structure, the company decided to build a new 10000 ton aluminum foil lining paper production line in 2002. At present, the work of the project has been in full swing, and it is expected that it will be put into trial production in July 2003. According to the development trend of the domestic cigarette paper industry, in the next step, they are going to use the existing technical advantages to install a special paper machine specially for the production of relevant special paper. The launch of this machine will greatly enhance the competitiveness of the company, further adjust the product structure of the enterprise, and change the product structure that only serves cigarette manufacturers

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