Choose a craftsman with fine materials. The whole

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Choose a craftsman who can easily dress the whole house +, and no longer be a "lady in a mess"

everyone has their own ideas about the house

romantic and beautiful, luxurious or warm, comfortable and worry free,

in short, the ideal home will always have three or two "exclusive labels"

in the process of decorating the new house, the most difficult thing is not the insufficient budget and the shortage of furniture, but how to combine the home design with the actual needs of life to create a perfect range

take the charming cloakroom as an example:

having a cloakroom is almost every woman's dream, because no matter how big the customized bedroom wardrobe is, it will eventually become inappropriate, dissatisfied and insufficient

however, dreams return to dreams. Is the large cloakroom a hard injury to small houses? Wrong wrong, today's craftsman of fine materials, the whole house is easy to dress + the editor wants to tell you that the cloakroom has all sizes, and its charm is not reduced

at the entrance of the master bedroom, the mini cloakroom

the layout of the bedroom is narrow and long. A mini cloakroom is designed at the entrance, with seasonal sheets and bedding stored in the upper part, an overcoat hung in the refrigerator on the left, clothes often worn in the current season placed in the open area on the right, and shoes placed under it, which is perfect

between the master bedroom and the master bathroom, the Retro Vintage

is designed outside the bathroom. It is very convenient to take clothes when taking a bath, wearing clothes, and taking clothes. The vintage technology reflects the owner's extraordinary quality of life

independent corner cloakroom 1

the queen does not necessarily own the world, but it must be able to accommodate the world. The fully functional cloakroom helps you realize the Queen's dream

independent corner cloakroom II

the family lives together, and the storage requirements are high. It would be too wasteful to design a huge wardrobe in each room. And a cloakroom with a complete storage system is the first choice

independent overall cloakroom

if the space at home is enough, you can use a room to design an independent overall cloakroom, but you must ask a professional designer to make a reasonable layout, taking into account practicality and aesthetics

your home starts with a craftsman's whole house easy to dress +

easy to wear +: you don't have to run around and buy all in one stop

design: door-to-door measuring ruler, free design scheme, one-on-one service

after sales: as long as a phone call, we will try our best to solve it

the whole house is easy to install +. With the new mode of rapid design + standard panels +n modular assembly, it has formed an excellent integration solution for indoor wardrobe, cabinet, wall panel, ceiling, wooden door and the whole house woodwork system. Craftsman of fine materials can easily decorate the whole house + ・ buy today and decorate tomorrow, just to make every owner's home decoration simpler, more environmentally friendly, more comfortable and save money

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