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The new year is not over yet, and many owners who plan to decorate in the spring have taken action early. Because the spring climate is suitable and the material and labor costs are relatively advantageous, it is a good time for decoration. Although the decoration is in the peak season, the editor warmly reminds you that it is very necessary to make a good decoration budget in the early stage, so as to avoid detours. So according to the current decoration market in Wuhan, how much is the decoration budget of 112 square meters? Now let me tell you

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[Wuhan 112 square meters American style decoration model room display]

[Wuhan 112 square meters decoration budget quotation]

[112 square meters decoration budget details are as follows]

project 1: Foundation Engineering

shovel the wall skin (gypsum ash) 320.00

wall/ground cement mortar leveling 1251.00

remove the brick wall (240 mm) 50.00

remove the original doors and windows and covers 55.00

light brick wall (120mm double-sided plastering) 4940.00





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