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Aluminum alloy doors and windows are the best decoration for a home. The doorman can know the grade of your kitchen. The kitchen adopts glass sliding doors. The transparent glass design of sliding doors not only maintains the permeability of the overall space, but also meets the separation needs of the kitchen and the living room, which is the so-called killing two birds with one stone. However, because the sliding door itself has many components and is easy to be damaged after long-term use, it is particularly important to choose a high-quality sliding door

how to select high-quality sliding doors

first, pay attention to the thickness of sliding doors. If glass or silver mirrors are used as door cores, 5mm thick ones are generally used; If wood is used as the door core, 10mm thickness is the best. In order to save material costs, some manufacturers use thinner wood (8mm or even 6mm) instead. The board is too thin. It looks flighty and shaking when pushed and pulled, and its stability is poor. After using it for a period of time, it is very easy to warp and deform, and jam the guide rail, resulting in the unsmooth push and pull, which affects the normal use

second, pay attention to its paint surface. The paint has been double-layer baked before spraying and transfer, that is, surface dedusting and impurity removal, which increases the adhesion of the paint and the paint will never fall off. However, some small manufacturers' profiles are simply baked, or even not baked, so the paint is easy to fall off and the texture is not clear

third, pay attention to its orbit. Most sliding doors are broken on the track. In the exhibition hall, you should slide the finished door left and right repeatedly. A good track should slide with a certain weight, but it is not stuck at all and there is no noise. It's best to choose the track with positioning function, so that the sliding door can be fixed when it is closed, otherwise there will always be a gap between the sliding door and the frame on both sides when it is closed. For the part of the track on the ground, try to choose the flat shape. The grooved track used in the past is easy to hide dirt after a long time, and it is also easy to trip people. Sometimes it will be deformed and affect the use of sliding doors





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